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Used and Surplus Contact Towers

Welcome to Surplus Energy Equipment, the best website in finding used oil & gas equipment! SEE have made searching used equipment easy and have created the tools to put the search at your fingertips without the hassle of making phone calls and requesting additional information.

Surplus Energy Equipment (SEE) believes in displaying the critical dimensions and characteristics of equipment listed in order to speed up the usual back and forth between buyers and suppliers.

Surplus and/or used contact towers can be utilized for many things. For example it can be used for dehydration in glycol units or stripping contaminants such as H2S and CO2 in amine plants. SEE likes to gather the main characteristics and dimensions of these unique contact towers and make them filterable in order to make the search convenient for the buyer.

Used oil and gas contact towers characteristics that SEE requires is below:

  • Working pressure
  • Manufacturer
  • Glycol or amine service
  • Bubble Cap, Random or Structured Packed
  • MDMT
  • MAWP
  • Weight
  • Vessel S/S Length
  • Year Built
  • Inlet Sizing
  • Inlet Connection
  • Outlet Sizing
  • Outlet Connection
  • Drain Sizing
  • Drain Connection
  • ASME Coded
  • Diameter

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