Upgrades & Components for Glycol Dehydration Units

Used equipment for Glycol Dehydration Units

Surplus Energy Equipment has used glycol dehydrator components available for as-is purchase or re-certification. This is a cost-effective way to replace or upgrade equipment for your glycol units such as reboilers, BTEX units, and contact towers.

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Horizontal Vs. Vertical Pressure Vessels

Surplus Energy Equipment offers a wide selection of used horizontal vessels and vertical vessels. We filter vessels by diameter, length, and working pressure to make it easy to find the vessel that will fit your separation needs. But how do you know if a horizontal vessel or a vertical vessel is the best choice?

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Consigning with Surplus Energy Equipment

Do you have used or surplus equipment that you need to offload? Surplus Energy Equipment can help! Surplus Energy Equipment is an online platform for buying and selling used or surplus oilfield equipment. The Surplus Energy Equipment platform takes the hassle out of offloading your used energy equipment and helps you move your inventory fast!

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Advantages of Buying Used Oil and Gas Equipment

Gas processing equipment and oilfield equipment are necessary and often costly components of oil and gas operations. Companies often look for new equipment to fulfill their needs when it comes to natural gas processing, however, there are many advantages to buying used energy equipment that often goes overlooked.

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Coalescing Filters: Used and Surplus

coalescing filter

In buying a coalescing filter the areas of concern are in the integrity of the vessel, mating face of the enclosure and the internals for the filter/filter plate. Determining the micron size of your requirements is important because these contaminants are usually smaller than 10 microns.

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