Certify & Repair Oilfield Equipment

By purchasing certified oilfield equipment, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you can greatly reduce the risk of failure. Surplus Energy Equipment works with approved vendors in order to gain the highest quality possible in the integrity and the functionality of the equipment. These Quality Control records will be submitted to the client at the end of the project for their records.

Multi point Inspection QC

This is a preliminary multi point inspection that reviews the equipment to determine a preliminary rebuild plan recommended for that piece of equipment.


Nondestructive testing methods are routinely applied in the re certification process where a failure of a component would cause significant hazard or economic loss, such as in transportation, pressure vessels, piping, and hoisting equipment lifting points. In a proper weld, these tests would indicate a lack of cracks in the radiograph, show clear passage of sound through the weld and back, or indicate a clear surface without penetrant captured in cracks.

Cut and Weld QC

This QC point ensures that proper materials are being cut to the lengths and angles called for in the manufacturing repair plan. After cutting then the welds are inspected visually to see that penetration and completeness is achieved.

Assembly QC

This QC point is to ensure that all piping is complete and level. At this point as well bracing is put into properly establish rigidity to the equipment.

Hydro test QC

This is a recorded hydro test utilizing to forms of record digital and analog. The equipment or vessel will then be hydro tested to the hydro test plan required by the ASME MWP or protocol.

Sand Blast QC

This is to ensure that the equipment has been blasted to the degree required by the project either industrial, commercial, near white or white blast.

Paint QC

This is to ensure that the equipment has been painted to the degree required by the project not only the levels of coating but all the Mils and weather conditions are recorded.

Instrumentation QC

Motor valves are a key part of the JT unit and must go through a thorough Instrumentation QC test. The rest of the unit goes through a factory assurance testing to ensure that thermal controllers and all pneumatic controlled instrumentation are properly functioning.

Certify & Repair Oilfield Equipment

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