How long will it take for me to receive a proposal back on a recertification request? It depends on the equipment needed along with and custom requirements from the client to be quoted, but our partner Croft Production Systems strives to have the quickest turnaround possible.


Once the recertification proposal is signed, how long until the equipment is completed and shipped? It depends on the equipment needed along with and custom requirements from the client but the quote will have estimated lead times for completion. Then on a weekly basis a manufacturing report is sent to contact.


Once I purchase the equipment, as is, how long until it is shipped to me? When purchasing the equipment As-Is, our supply chain representative will start the transportation brokering process or work with client for immediate pickup.


What methods of payment does Surplus Energy Equipment accept? Surplus Energy Equipment accepts all methods of payment as long as the transaction is completed before order is processed.


Can we arrange our own trucking/delivery? Absolutely, our supply chain representative will work with the client to assist scheduling of pickup but client can setup all trucking.


If we want to see more than pictures, can we visit on location to see equipment in person? Absolutely, we want our clients to feel comfortable with their purchase. So we invite our clients to schedule a visit for the equipment. Please contact us if you would like a visit.


What are Surplus Energy Equipment’s hours of operations? Our website operates 24/7 and staff work from 8-4 M-F.


What all does recertified entail? We design this process to fit the variations of what our clients wants and requires either As-Is and Recertified. Please click this link to read more about the recertified process.