Advantages of Buying Used Oil and Gas Equipment

Gas processing equipment and oilfield equipment are necessary and often costly components of oil and gas operations. Companies often look for new equipment to fulfill their needs when it comes to natural gas processing, however, there are many advantages to buying used energy equipment that often goes overlooked.


Cost is the most common reason and arguably the most appealing reason to purchase used processing equipment over new.  While buying equipment is an investment, quality used or surplus oilfield equipment can be purchased at a much lower cost. As soon as new equipment is gently used, the value depreciates at an exponential rate, which means you can buy used energy equipment that is in good condition for tens of thousands of dollars less than purchasing new and avoid the hit of the initial value depreciation. If your used processing equipment becomes unnecessary, you can sell it and recoup more of your costs than if you had purchased new.

With the natural gas prices being low currently, used oil and gas equipment is something to consider and may even be necessary to be sure that production is not halted.

Customize to Your Oil & Gas Equipment Needs

Buying used processing equipment gives you the flexibility to make changes and customizations based on your budget and preferences. For example, you have the flexibility to select your own parts and paint colors without paying extra for customizations when purchasing new.

When buying oilfield equipment as-is, you have the opportunity to oversee repairs and customizations. This allows for peace-of-mind that the equipment was finished safely and that the quality of work is up to your company standards.

If you need repairs and customizations done to your equipment, but don’t want the hassle, Surplus Energy Equipment has a re-certify program that will get your oilfield equipment ready for the field. This option saves you time, while still greatly reducing your costs as opposed to purchasing new.

Timely Equipment Delivery

More often than not, the lead times on new equipment take weeks or even months depending on the size and complexity of the equipment. When purchasing used energy equipment, the bulk of the work is already completed, and just minor tune-ups are typically needed to get the equipment back into production.

 If you are in a pinch for a certain type of processing equipment, time is a huge factor in reducing your losses and maintaining production. It is important to keep in mind the potential losses while waiting for new equipment to be manufactured versus purchasing used oilfield equipment.


With the focus on the environment and the attention the topic brings to oil and gas, companies in the industry should aim to be environmentally friendly where possible even if it is in the smallest ways. Used oilfield equipment and surplus oilfield equipment often ends up in landfills while the manufacturing of new equipment involves processes that can lead to ill effects on the environment. Buying used or surplus equipment is one small way that your company can show care and concern for the environment.

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