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What is a Vertical Vessel?

A vertical vessel or a vertical separator is a vessel for the bulk removal of liquids or solids by gravity. Operators prefer to utilize vertical separators over other separators when the well streams have large liquid to gas ratios, constant flow, and small liquid surge characteristics (high gas/ low liquid). Vertical separators are also preferred when well streams have sizable quantities of sand, mud, or other related substances as well as process flow streams, which are characterized by large instantaneous volumes of liquid or slugs. Lastly, when there are horizontal space limitations, but little or no vertical height limitations (i.e. offshore platform), vertical separators would be a good, space-saving option. Check out our Horizontal vs. Vertical Vessel blog for more information on determining the best vessel for your application.

These separators may go by many names like oil-water separator, three-phase separator, two-phase separators, but functionality is all relatively the same.

Vertical Vessels on Surplus Energy Equipment

Surplus Energy Equipment (SEE) believes in displaying the critical dimensions and characteristics of the equipment listed, in order to speed up the usual back and forth between buyers and suppliers.

Surplus and used vertical vessels can be used for many things like a sand scrubber, 2-phase separator or 3-phase separator. We like to gather these characteristics and dimensions of these unique pieces of equipment and to make them filterable in order to make the search convenient for the buyer.

A screen shot of our website shows all that is required information for each piece of equipment.

Used oil and gas vertical vessels characteristics that SEE requires is below:

  • Working pressure
  • Manufacturer
  • 2 or 3 Phase
  • MDMT
  • MAWP
  • Weight
  • Vessel S/S Length
  • Year Built
  • Inlet Sizing
  • Inlet Connection
  • Outlet Sizing
  • Outlet Connection
  • Drain Sizing
  • Drain Connection
  • ASME Coded
  • Diameter

When purchasing used separators, there are several areas to considers when evaluating the integrity of the equipment. Check out our blog “Buying a Used Separator” for information on what to look out for before purchasing a used vessel.

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