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We Buy Equipment

By selling to CROFT you will receive a formal bid from SEE and upon acceptance SEE can take it from there either be handling a portion of the pickup or all of the load out. We try to make it an easy process from the bidding process to purchasing.

Step 1

Provide Documentation and Spec Drawings
We also require pictures of the plaque and the equipment at all angles.

Step 2

Send Us Your Request
We'll review your documentation and be in touch shortly.

In the meantime, we are on the lookout for these specific equipment.


36" Contact Tower
Contact Towers

Structured packed or Bubble Cap Tray

1440 WP


20" Separators

2 PH or 3 PH

1440 WP

Always Wanted

Used Energy Equipment

Amine Plants


Dehydration Packages

Filter Separators

Gas Plants

Joule Thomson systems 

Offshore Skids



Slug Catchers

Sulfa Treat Towers


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